Welcome to Cardinal Creek Consulting

Cardinal Creek specializes in custom software development supporting the Oil and Gas industry. Domain expertise in the field of production data management and advanced real-time data applications and how technology augments those fields.

Applying technology to your business to streamline or improve data management is an involved process. Many decisions have to be made that defines a clear methodology, involves stakeholders, identifies specific goals, and is delivered on-time and within budget.

Sometimes companies are able to execute technology projects on their own, but more often organizations do not have the required resources to do so.  The reasons for this vary.  It might be simply the after-effects of IT downsizing, or it might be because economic drivers are forcing an unprecedented examination and optimization of business processes that had not happened previously.

Usually in only the biggest, most progressive, companies can organizations justify having these kinds of resources on the payroll.  Ramping up on these projects to quickly realize a benefit can be prohibitive - especially if you need to train personnel, 'get up to speed' on new technology, or even to evaluate and maximize existing technology.

Companies need to be able to rely on experienced resources to help guide and implement solutions to realize their goals.  If those resources do not exist internally, help needs to be brought in that has a high level of experience in multiple aspects of technology projects.  Cardinal Creek Consulting was created to provide that expertise.

From technology investigation, to software lifecycle management and custom development, Cardinal Creek has expertise in multiple technology domains that brings immediate value to a project.  Refer to our Services page for details on our experience and areas of expertise.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke