Cardinal Creek Consulting (CCC) was created in 2009 by Corey Wirun, who functions as Owner and Principal Consultant. Corey started the company after more than 20 years working in the Oil as Gas industry as a consultant, software developer and development manager.

Corey's career carried him to more than a dozen countries around the world as a IT project specialist. Some of his project highlights include: a 18 month overseas relocation to Amsterdam, Netherlands where he worked on a 3 refinery information system project, a 6 month relocation to Bahrain to design and develop a hand-held terminal system, a 2 year project designing a realtime database architecture and development project in Saudi Arabia.

Starting in the late 1990's, Corey's focus shifted to pure software development and development management. Here he learned structured software lifecycle management and built valuable experience in several Oil and Gas diciplines such as volumetric accounting, data reconciliation and oil movements and storage. He was sought after as an expert in production data management, real-time historians and real-time data design and management.

Since starting Cardinal Creek, Corey has been specializing in software development, and real-time data managment projects for several medium and large companies. The company started by providing developer-for-hire services, but is now switching towards a product role as opportunites are realized.

The name 'Cardinal Creek' comes from a concatenation of two of Corey's favorite things. The Cessna 177 Cardinal, which Corey flies as a Private Pilot, and Fish Creek Provincial Park, where he spends a huge amount of time.