Aspentech AORA API

Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting (AORA) is Aspentech's Volumetric and Yield Accounting package. Previous to starting Cardinal Creek, Corey was the Lead Developer and eventually the Development Manager of AORA (aka Aspen Advisor) for almost 10 years. As such, I have a huge amount of expertise in the package and am able to add value by specializing in custom upstream and downstream solutions integrating of AORA into the enterprise.

To support this opportunity, I've developed a Microsoft .NET-based Application Programming Interface (API) that quickly enables integration into the AORA database model. Experience has shown that as powerful as Aspen AORA is, it is still at the mercy of the quality and completeness of the data that is fed into it. While the standard Aspen offering does include a set of standard input interfaces, there really does not exist any mechanism for a company to develop front-end applications that interact with AORA.

Some typical usages of the AORA API are:

  • custom data entry tools that have access to the AORA plant model (e.g. tanks, pipes, instruments, etc.) as well as global (UOM, products) and data objects (reconciled data).
  • custom data export tools that interface with the AORA import tables.
  • custom reporting engines.

As a proof of concept of the AORA API, I have developed a WEB-based presentation framework to AORA as an illustration of the power of the API.  Even at this very preliminary stage, it is a whole new way to look at AORA:

Taking the concept one step further, using the API and some Microsoft MVC web magic, even standard reports can delivered via the web.

If you are interested in getting more information on the AORA API, or the work done on the proof-of-concept WEB AORA, drop me a note!

Disclaimer: AspenTech does not officially endorse nor support this offering.