Cardinal Creek is able to provide valuable services and expertise in the following areas:

Production Data Management

High level of familiarity with the issues and challenges desiging, implementing and maintaining a real-time data infrastructure. Typically a real-time data strategy consists of:

    Data Mapping
    Data Availability
    Historian Architecture/Implementation
    Visualization and Reporting

Expertise is available to assist with the above, as well as data aggregation strategies, historian selection, fault tolerance/redundancy, data risk management and data reconciliation.

Software Development/Lifecycle Management

Experience with a variety of software design and lifecycle methodologies (RUP, Agile, Waterfall). No single methodology works in every situation, but a structured, iterative development approach is favored because it tracks requirements, establishes milestones, has accountability and measurability.

Domain Experience in Process Industries

With over two decades successfully supporting the Oil and Gas sector, one cannot help but get exposure to underlying displines to develop a sense for what challenges these areas entail. Having a familization with areas such as production accounting, oil movements and storage, and data reconciliation helps realize additional value over more generic IT resources.

AspenTech AORA Custom Integration

I have a wealth of experience providing consulting services on  AspenTech's AORA (aka Aspen Advisor) product.  As a former Lead Developer and Development Manager for the product, I can quickly provide value in supporting your custom application or integration projects.  To provide additional value, I have developed a Microsoft .Net-based AORA API which makes integration MUCH simpler than doing a custom Data Access Layer yourself.


A comprehensive, up-to-date technology toolbox is vital for anyone in the IT consulting realm. What differentiates an experienced IT professional is a fluency in key technology areas with the ability to adapt to variations of that technology.  This adaptability comes from knowing the common demoninators of technology areas - making vendors and implementations purely a matter of syntax and semantics. We bring value right out of the box.

Cardinal Creek has demonstratable expertise in several technology areas:

    Relational Databases
    .Net (languages, methodologies, frameworks)
    Unmanaged Languages
    Web Development (server/client side)
    Real-Time development (interfaces, etc).

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